Základní škola a Mateřská škola Ořechov
Základní škola a Mateřská škola Ořechov

ANGLICKÉ DIVADLO 2019 – 28. května


Tuesday the 28th May 2019 
Kulturní centrum Ořechov
Pro 3.+4. třídy:
9:00 – 9:50  – Fair Bear ( 50 min. show ) – 70,- Kč
Fair Bear is new interactive show for children aged 6 – 11. There will be a ‘beautiful dog’ competition in the Colourful Hotel. However, two of the beautiful dogs are stolen in the night. The police think that Fair Bear took the dogs, but the students know the real answer and they help the police find to catch the real dog thief.
Fair Bear is a new show which contains a number of elements to make it exciting and engaging for a young audience. Firstly the show is designed to be visually engaging with colourful characters and scenery and puppets designed by professional designer Tatiana Irbis. Then it contains original songs and music by American composer Ed Kliman. The show is fast-moving with characters coming and going, but the main appeal is the way that the audience is constantly involved and referred to. An innocent character is accused of stealing and when the young audience have a chance to put that situation right, they are very keen to do so, especially as it involves two of them dressing up as dogs. Finally they have a lot of fun with the ‘Beautiful Dog Competition’ at the end of the show.
The show repeats and practices the language of colours, present tenses, and basic questions as well as a number of common phrases, such as ‘Would you like ….?’, ‘I don’t know’ and others.
Pro 5.+6. třídy:
10:20 – 11:20 – Aliens Save the Planet ( 60 min. show ) – 75,- Kč
The Aliens are back. This time they are testing the air and cleaning the planet. Of course the Men in Black have a mission to catch and destroy them. Things get complicated however when one of the Men in Black falls in love with one of the aliens. This performance practices the use of ‘s’ in the third person of present tense forms and also raises awareness of global warming issues.
Aliens Return is a continuation of The Alien Grammar Show. It is aimed at the same age range (10 to 13 years old) and the basic theme is the same, with Men in Black (intergalactic agents) trying to catch a pair of aliens. Aliens Return is however different in several ways. First there are two main lines to the story. There is an environmental theme to the play. The Aliens have come to earth in order to clean the planet and at one point they give a short presentation on the reasons why this is important. Then the other main thread of the story is how the younger male agent, Agent Tree, falls in love with the girl alien and the problems this creates with his boss Agent Wood. As with The Alien Grammar Show, Aliens Return involves a lot of direct contact and interaction with the audience. There is also, of course, a grammar theme, this time more a simple reminder to use ‘s’ in the third person of present simple verb forms and also to use the auxilliary verb ‘do’ when forming negatives. Aliens Return had its premiere in October 2007 and has been played almost a hundred times since then in four different countries.
Pro 7. až 9. třídy:
12:00 – 13:00 – Frank Novotny and the Case of the Present Perfect ( 60 min. show ) – 75,- Kč
Two jealous twin brothers are fighting over the same girl. Eventually one of them commits a robbery and Detective Frank Novotny and the audience have to work out which one of them did it. The key to solving the case is understanding the how present perfect tense is used in English.
Frank Novotny and the Case of the Present Perfect is the story of two identical twin brothers who are fighting over the same girl. They both promise to buy her a pair of earrings that she likes, but the earrings finally get stolen. The students in the audience have to work out which of the twins did it. The key to the solution lies in how they used the present perfect tense. The main purpose of the show is to introduce and practice the present perfect tense, especially how it can be used to introduce news. The text of the show is full of examples of the present perfect and the main examples of how the present perfect is used in English are pre-taught before the actual story is played. Finally the solution to the problem hinges around the use of the present perfect for presenting news and so the most significant grammar from the beginning of the show is repeated at the end. The story is very popular with students because of it’s main themes of love, drugs and jelousy. But the point of the show is to support English teachers by (once more) explaining this complicated piece of English grammar to students.